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12Sep/101:42 AM

The Many Faces of Sam Worthington in Avatar

I saw Sam Worthington in Macbeth long before Avatar and long before he became this sensation in the US. I just watched Avatar on DVD and I have to say that the most interesting thing about the movie for me is Sam Worthington's face (or faces). Read More ...
12Sep/101:40 AM

Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation

I just watched Terminator Salvation on DVD. And, while the movie is a relatively decent "theater movie", I was left wondering how much of Terminator Salvation was designed to prep audiences for Sam Worthington in Avatar? Read More ...
12Sep/101:39 AM

Robert Rodriguez Predators

There is a scene in one of the teaser clips for Predators of Adrien Brody standing in the forest with a gun and then many many Predator laser guides lighting up on Brody's body. THIS SCENE IS NOT IN THE MOVIE. Read More ...
12Sep/101:37 AM

L.A. in Predator 2 vs Detroit in RoboCop

I just watched Predator 2 again and, I was "struck" by how the real world LA circa 1997 in Predator 2 is almost identical to the exaggerated campy violence of Robot Cop's Detroit. Read MOre ...